3: New Products and Goal Setting


Like any passive income product, driving traffic and building sales is the ultimate goal for Air Vinyl.  In the last post, I wrote about the first advertising efforts I worked on to promote the product – from running Facebook and Instagram ads to contacting tech reviewer to promote the product through their channels.  During these last 2 weeks, I have been continuing to push on advertising, but the majority of my time has been spent creating new product designs based on customer feedback - so let’s jump into it!


Increasing Site Traffic and Social Media Presence

As I showed in the last post, having your product promoted through reputable channels is a huge win for generating site traffic.  This is the main avenue I wanted to pursue since the cost associated with it is low and effective.  I've been sending out emails and product samples continuously the last 3 weeks and finally got to see some results start to flow in from this.

Instagram Influencers

For the first time, pictures of Air Vinyl were showing up on Instagram (and not ones that I took!).  For non-paid promotions on social media, I had been going through posts that were tagged #airpods and searching for potential influencers with a large social outreach who would genuinely enjoy the product.  One of the most successful post, was from @mju_88, who posted the following picture.  It was encouraging to see so many people interested in the product and reacting so positively!  As it stands now, the post has over 1,200 likes and really helped to direct people to my website and Instagram page.  Not only have there been post from influencers who received free samples, but I also saw a few customers who posted about Air Vinyl as well.

The purpose of sending out these promotional samples is partially to attain a larger presence on social channels, but it also allowed me to see how customers used the decals and interacted with the product.  This next post is from a customer who received the 'Rorschach Drops' set and used 2 decals in a way I hadn't thought of by putting one design on the front of the case and another on the top lidIt started to get me thinking that this could be a unique opportunity to make designs that are optimized for the top lid of the case.  Definitely something I will be looking into in the next few weeks.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 6.58.18 PM.png

The posts above are just two of the ones I wanted to specifically call-out, but there were several others including an unboxing video of a customer receiving his Air Vinyl set and applying it to the case.  Coming across posts that pop-up for Air Vinyl has been a truly surreal experience. When I see a product that I created in the hands of other people, that's what keeps me motivated to continue building my own business.  I've worked for other corporate businesses on satellites and drones, and none of them can generate the same level of excitement I have when an order comes through my email for a decal.  What it really comes down to is that, for me, and I'm sure for most of you reading, creating something that's your own is an incredibly powerful motivator.  Sidetracked - ok back to business!

In all, these social media promotions really helped to expand my following and start building a community of my own around Air Vinyl.  Over this 2 week period, the Air Vinyl Instagram saw just under 2.5x growth in the number of followers and an average increase in click-through to the website of 83 people per week.  Progress is definitely moving in the right direction!

Product Reviews

In the last 2 weeks, there have been two more articles written about Air Vinyl - one from MacObserver and another from MacSources.  MacSources did an in-depth review of the product, not only showing the packaging and application process, but also comparing it to other vinyl products on the market.  The reviews were both very positive and, much like the social media promotions, helped to drive additional traffic and sales to the site.


Using Customer Feedback to Design New Products

Since launching Air Vinyl, I have been starting conversations with potential customers to get their feedback on the product.  The responses have all been very positive, but in the end, it almost always ended with them asking if I had any other designs or if I would do custom designs.  I'm not set up to create one-off, custom decals for people in a cost effective way; however, this did prompt me to create a new Wholesale and Custom Order Page on the website so that I could capitalize on custom orders for larger quantities. 

By talking to people about the product I was able to get insight into what potential customers wanted to see for future designs, which was incredibly important.  Sales of Air Vinyl are only going to be as good as the designs I have.  Similarly to buying clothes, customers may look at an item and think its really cool, but if it doesn't come in the color, size, or style they want, then they aren't going to buy it.  In order to boost sales, I need to add more designs for people to purchase. First I needed to figure out which designs would have the most potential for driving purchases.

Instagram Followers Location

The number one request I got was for additional city decals, so that's exactly what I did.  Something that's very useful about Instagram is the analytics you get about your followers when you are a set-up as a business account.  Here's a table showing where my followers are from.  The largest grouping is unsurprisingly from Los Angeles, which makes sense since I sell a Los Angeles decal and have been using social promotions targeting Los Angles.  The next largest cities are San Francisco and New York, so I set out to design new products based on those cities.  The resulting designs were exceptionally clean and would fit in well with the rest of the Air Vinyl designs.

San Francisco New York Product Images

After these designs were completed, I wanted to continue building up my product selection,  so in addition to the 2 city designs, I created a 'Hollywood', 'Tropical', and 'Birds'  decal set.  All of those designs have now completed production and will begin sales this week!


Sales Update

Sales for Air Vinyl started out strong in the first week of this period, but tapered during the second week.  I would definitely like to see sales improve over the next period, which will definitely be attainable with the new designs being released and the continued efforts to push promotion and advertising.  

Something I didn't do after I set my initial sales goal at the beginning of the 4 Week Launch was to set another sales goal.  The best way to achieve success is to have a target to measure your success in the first place.  Right now, Air Vinyl sales over the first 4 weeks are seeing an average of about 7 sales per week.  What I am going to set as a goal is to achieve an average of 14 sales per week over the next 2 week period.  So there it is - 28 sales is the target for the next 2 weeks.

Sales - 3


This period has been definitely had some exciting days filled with promotions and article write-ups, but also a good number of disappointing days with no sales.  When you step back and look at it as a whole, Air Vinyl is definitely moving in the right direction.  This post set a very aggressive goal to hit a sales number that is 2x the average right now, so I'll be giving it my all and hopefully be reporting back to you all with some great results!

Thanks for reading and, as always, remember to share any feedback you have by commenting below or emailing me at ryan@airvinyldesign.com.

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