7: Product Reviews & Collaborations

Welcome to this week's update on Air Vinyl Design.  This update is all about getting your product noticed by more people through the use of YouTube reviews and social media collaborations.  In the last update I talked about how I was reaching out to product reviewers on YouTube who have done reviews for similar decal accessories and products.  Below, I'll be showing you the first results from that effort, which includes 4 different product reviews - let's jump in and see what the reviewers had to say!


Youtube reviews

In the last update I told you all about my effort to try to get YouTubers to make product review videos for Air Vinyl.  These videos just started popping up on YouTube this past week and have been incredibly well put together.  Check out 2 of my favorites by Tyler Whitlow and Andrew Darling.  Both of these are in-depth reviews of the product showing the details of the packaging, application process, and final product look and feel.

What I really like about both of these reviews is that they take you through the entire experience of getting the product and highlight the quality and versatility of the decal itself.  

Even more important than the promotion for Air Vinyl, it was really helpful for me to watch someone go through the full process of receiving and applying the decal.  I was able to see which parts they liked, like the thicker feel of the vinyl.  I was also able to see instances where the product experience can be improved, like the wording in the instructions that says to use a credit card to run over the decal to make sure it adheres to the surface.  This wording will definitely be changing when I make my next order for insert cards.  I could also see that Andrew was having difficulty applying the equalizer bars decal in the Music Mixer set - this also shows me that the decal pieces need to be a little larger so it's simpler to remove the backing sheet.

I also want to note that all of the reviews are unpaid - meaning I'm sending them free product, but I'm not paying them to post a review.  Some of the people I contacted told me they would only review the product if I paid them as well, but that's not something I wanted to follow through with.  If the subscriber list for the ones asking for money had been significantly higher, then it's something I would have taken into consideration. These YouTube reviews are definitely a great way to advertise the product and I'll be continuing to reach out to reviewers to get more videos up online.  If you want to see a few more Air Vinyl reviews, check out these other 2 videos from John Saddington and Cole Underwood.



Another advertising effort I worked on this past update period was an Instagram collaboration with a company called Earhoox.  Earhoox makes a silicone attachment for your AirPods (or EarPods if you haven't caught on to the wireless trend yet) that makes them more secure in your ears.  They sent me 6 units of their product in 3 different colors and in turn, I sent them a few different Air Vinyl decals.  This past week, both of us did a giveaway on our Instagram accounts to promote each other's product and give away both Air Vinyl decal sets and Earhoox.  The collaboration was a nature one that worked perfectly with our following and customers.  The content turned out really well and it was great to be able to work with another company for a mutually beneficial impact to both of our businesses.


Sales Update

During this 2 weeks period, sales have also been a little stagnant - I sold a total of 8 decals.  What was interesting about these sales though was that only 2 were from my Squarespace website - the other 6 were from Etsy.  Although this is a small sample size, I usually only get 1-2 Etsy orders, if any at all.  This is something I just wanted to note as I continue to see where sales are coming from. It also got me thinking about utilizing different sales channels and starting to sell the product on Amazon.  More on this to come in future updates.  

Final Thoughts

It was an incredibly insightful experience to see the YouTube reviews come out this week.  There's something innately exciting about seeing something you created in the hands of other people who are enjoying it.  I'm hoping that as these videos continue to pop up, it will serve as a great way to grow and sustain sales.

The next update is going to be a special one that I'm excited to share, as it will mark the first complete quarter of operation for Air Vinyl.  I'll be putting together an in depth quarterly report showing expenses, revenue, and which product has been the most successful and how it's serving as a pivot in the design mentality for the decals.  Looking at sales numbers over a larger period of time is more useful in understanding the trends and demand for your product, so there will be a lot to draw from this next update.

Thanks for reading and, as always, remember to share any feedback you have by commenting below or emailing me at ryan@airvinyldesign.com.

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Founder, Air Vinyl Design and The 4 Week Launch

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