6: Tips on Improving Sales Conversions

Hey 4WL readers! In the last update I told you about Air Vinyl's first wholesale order and walked you through the process of pulling that deal together and fulfilling the order.  This week, I'm going back to the first thing launched (the website) and sharing some important changes I made in order to help drive sales.  This was thanks to a call I had with one of The 4 Week Launch readers, Sunny Sahota.  Even though the traffic to the site is low for now, this is something I want in place so I can capitalize on sales when traffic picks up.  Later in the update I'll also be talking about some promotional efforts that are in the works thanks to a great suggestion from another entrepreneur - can't stress enough how important it is to talk to people about what you're doing! Let's get into it! 



When I started Air Vinyl I was focused solely on trying to drive traffic to the website and getting the word out about the product.  I reached out to tech reviewers, paid for Instagram ads, and created a focus on my website to educate customers on the features of Air Vinyl.  However, what's important for an online business to be successful is that you are able to take the traffic you generate and turn it into sales - known as conversions.

What really opened my eyes to this idea of improving my conversions was a call I had with Sunny Sahota, who has been an active reader of The 4 Week Launch.  He pointed out a few areas of improvement with the website as well as advertising techniques that could be made to better convert the traffic into sales.  Before I get into some of his points, I want to take a minute to thank him for his time helping me out.  Sunny not only spoke with me for a good hour about the business, but he also did a full audit of the Air Vinyl website, blog, and social media presence and gave amazing feedback from his experience in engineering, sales, and start-ups (he currently works at Fictiv which is a great prototyping option for anyone looking to have their product made!)

To start, let's focus on the flow of the website.


Website Flow

When a potential customer visits the site, you want to start guiding them from the moment they enter and make it easy for them to follow through with a purchase.

Consumers have short attention spans.  When a potential customer visits the site, you want to start guiding them from the moment they enter and make it easy for them to follow through with a purchase.  Especially for a product like Air Vinyl, which is simple and low cost, you want the customer to have a minimal number of clicks to get to a purchase.  Check out the flow of my old website design below - a visitor needs to click the page 6 times before they can hit checkout and buy the product.

This flow is way too long to effectively convert traffic to the site into sales.  To minimize the number of clicks for the audience, I altered a few aspects of the site.

  1. Home Page Changed to Shop Page
    • The product is easy to understand once you see the designs, so rather than direct traffic to a home page that further explained the product, I changed the home page to be my shop page so that people can easily see the product selections. If they want to learn more about the product, their is a Product page they can navigate to.
  2. 'Add to Cart' Button Changed to 'Purchase' Button
    • 80% of my purchases have been people buying a single decal, rather than multiple designs.  Rather than have an 'Add to Cart' button under the products, which then requires customers to click on the 'Visit Cart' option to checkout, I changed it to an instant purchase button that takes them straight to the checkout page to complete their order.  Customer's then have the option to go back and add more designs, but this flow better helps funnel a visitor towards a purchase.

Now let's take a look at the new flow for the website when a potential customer enters the site and how it compares to the original flow.


Social Media Ad Referrals

I've written a lot about my experience with social media ads in past blog updates, but the idea of channeling sales on the site had me thinking of how I can do this for referral customers as well. A standard Instagram ad for Air Vinyl shows one of the product designs displayed on an AirPod case or other Apple product.  From this, I would get clicks to the website, but direct them to the homepage so they could learn more about the product.  Again, Air Vinyl is a simple product and most customers understand what it is without having to be walked through what a decal is.  If a customer is clicking on my ad, I can assume that they were interested in the design they saw and that it resonated with them - so why would I link them anywhere else but the purchase page for that product?  So that's what I did.  I changed my ad links so that when someone clicks on it, it'll take them straight to the page for that product so they can checkout in 1 click after entering the site.


Some numbers behind my conversions

I wanted to take  a moment to show you all some data from my website so you can get a better idea about how important conversions are. The chart below shows the number of carts created, and how many of those were then abandoned, meaning, they didn't follow through with the purchase.  This data reflects all traffic from the launch of Air Vinyl (April) through May 11. During this period, I had a conversion rate of 1.25%, which means 1.25% of my traffic followed through with an order.  This data is based off of a smaller sample size, given that my traffic is relatively low (2,300 visits during the same period).  So over the next few weeks, I want to see how this number changes.  Can I improve my conversion rate and create more carts and follow through purchases?

Data from my Squarespace site from the launch of Air Vinyl (April) through May 11.  This reflects a 1.25% conversion rate on 2,300 visits.


But Where's the traffic?

These are some of the most critical conversion methods I've put in place, but I can't guide traffic to a sale if I don't have traffic.  Traffic to the site has definitely slowed and is very dependent on running social media ads.  I did a test during this period and ran 0 ads during the first week, and then picked up again the second week.  What did I see? 0 sales for the week I ran no ads.  Much like my conversation with Sunny on conversions, I got a great suggestion from a friend on an effective method of getting the product in front of people and, in turn, drive traffic, - YouTube reviewers. I know, seems obvious!

Screen grab from a Slickwraps review by Zollotech

Two very successful companies making decals for Apple products are Slickwraps and dbrand.  These are full wraps of products that add a solid texture and color rather than a specific design like I am doing with Air Vinyl.  One way that these 2 companies have been able to blow-up in popularity was by giving out free samples to YouTube reviewers and having their products seen by millions of people.  YouTube reviews are such an effective way to generate traffic because the review is coming from a reputable source, and a link can actually be provided as a click-thru.  For Instagram, a link can only be placed on an ad, but not on a post from an influencer.

Over this past week, I have been going through YouTube searches for 'Slickwraps Reviews' and 'dbrands Reviews' and sending messages to content creators to see if they are interested in doing reviews on Air Vinyl.  At the time of this post, I've sent out samples to 3 different reviewers that will (hopefully) be making videos for the product.  This avenue has a lot of potential and based on the responses I've received so far, I'm confident that I'll be able to post some links in the next update showing these reviews online.


Sales Update

As I said a little earlier, I decided to run an experiment to see how dependent I was on Instagram ads.  So during the first week of this update, I ran 0 ads and got 0 sales.  Sounds like I'm pretty dependent on these to make sales.  However, when I ran ads during the second week, I sold 13 decals.  To give some numbers behind this, I spent $49.98 on ads and generated $77.87 in revenue.  The reason for trying to gain influencers on YouTube is to try and drive sales and traffic through a more reliable source and without needing to increase my spending on ads.

Finals Thoughts

I've really learned a lot during this update period.  My conversation with Sunny was very helpful in improving the presence of my business and a lot of effort was put towards making Air Vinyl a more effective and efficient system.  There are a few exciting things in the works right now, with the potential YouTube reviews coming out to gain exposure, and I'm looking toward the next 2 weeks to continue improving sales.

Thanks for reading and, as always, remember to share any feedback you have by commenting below or emailing me at ryan@airvinyldesign.com.

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Ryan Goldstein

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